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Civil World War

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Television producer and first time author Ryan Darden introduces us to a world after the bombs have all fallen.

The US has been devastated by years of fighting, nuclear fallout, and a relentless synthetic virus.  Unfortunately, James Handshaw escaped the destruction.  After earning a spot in Canada’s SOLO Program, he becomes one of the eighty-eight Surveyors entering No Man’s Land for the first time in fifteen years. Cooped up in a foreign country without a lifeline, has been a taxing endeavor.  With little to live for, James took risks to help rebuild the country, invaluable chances that were noticed by a savvy Canadian Admiral.  Under her watchful eye, James’s personal mission to return to Virginia is approved.

With the help of James’s giant quadruped robot Biggie, the two explorers discover a land devoid of human touch.  After several run-ins with bands of marauders, James’s lack of skill and clumsiness quickly become apparent.  The question anyone watching his progress would be, how did he make it this far?

Civil World War is a 400-page futuristic post-apocalyptic adventure.  The intriguing action delivers as much timely humor as it does heart.  Readers will remain gripped to the last word, built by a desire to see an unlikely hero succeed.

“When I was nine years old, I knew I wanted to be a writer.  Like many idlers with grand aspirations, life got in the way.  As an award-winning television editor, I help tell other people’s stories.  Earning a Master’s in Film Production, working over a decade for NASA, producing a hip-hop album, and raising a family of four, are all achievements I could hang my hat on.  However, the nagging itch to write remains, one that I’d previously determined would be fulfilled in retirement.  Then my best friend died, and life’s indecipherable timeline suddenly shriveled.  Life is too short.  I had to tell my own story.” – Ryan Darden

Release Date: August 5th, 2020

Available on Amazon via Kindle or Paperback.  We also support local book sellers and comic shops. Ask us how.

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AVAILABLE ON AMAZON NOW! Check out Ryan Darden’s first Sci-Fi novel Civil World War. Those that have read it agree it’s easily on par with today’s modern authors.  The futuristic events have mirrored the current news cycle making this a timely and entertaining read.



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